As a Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant, I at least expected this place to be good. It wasn’t. Sorry for the lack of suspense here, but you hold a certain brand to a certain level, and you at least expect to be satisfied… No such luck. The place is typical, in that I’ve seen the setting a million times before. Dark polished wood, with clean white tablecloths, and black and white oldies pictures on the walls. All that is fine, and I can enjoy that feel, but just have good food to back up an unoriginal setup.

I have been trying to eat healthy lately (at least on the weekdays, since eating healthy on weekends is a laughable attempt), I took the liberty of ordering the salmon with a side of asparagus. Unfortunately, the menu failed to mention the fact that the salmon was served on top of spinach. Thanks, so now I have an abundance of greenery on my hands. This wouldn’t bother me so much if the food were good, I mean, the more for me to take home, right? However, the salmon was bland. I guess they’ve never heard of salt. However, they clearly had heard of oil, as my spinach was sopped in it. Though I toughened through it, it mostly remained untouched, and I grudgingly helped my Mom finish her cheese ravioli with marinara sauce (remember, I was trying to eat healthy here, and cheese ravioli is most certainly not).  My Mom and I split the Tiramisu (another healthy choice, good job me), and I was also able to try the Strawberry Tall Cake that my Mom’s friend, Alyce had.  They were both fine. Tiramisu needed more cocoa, and the Strawberry Tall Cake was a simple yellow cake with strawberries on the side. Both lacked originality and depth.

The only reason I can honestly say that Petterino’s is successful is due to the fact that it is smack in the middle of the theater district. I feel no need to go back. If I had no other choice, I would honestly rather go to the McDonalds across the street.


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