I have ventured many a time to Lucia’s, a small, BYOB Italian restaurant in Bucktown/Wicker Park (can someone tell me the difference between these two areas? Because as I see it, they’re the exact same hood). Clearly anyone who reads this blog knows me and my friends’ penchant for BYOBs, so I thought I’d introduce my friend Lisa to Lucia’s, which is great Italian fare for a great price, as we were going out in the synonymous Bucktown/Wicker Park anyway. On the outside, it looks like a typical modest Italian deli you would normally see in on Taylor Street, except it’s on North Avenue. Off to the side, however, is the inconspicuous entrance to their restaurant.

For 8pm on a Friday night, our wait wasn’t too long, and we were sat comfortably into their smallish dining room. I of course immediately proceeded to order their mussels and pasta, and Lisa and I indulged in a bottle of red.  Lucia’s fare is traditional Italian, with fresh, simple ingredients and flavors. It is great food, and a warm, cozy atmosphere, one of those places where you can dip your bread in the mussels sauce, order another bottle of wine with your friends and stay there for hours.

I actually feel like Lucia’s should be more on Taylor street smack dab in the middle of Italian Village rather than on west North Avenue. But I’m not complaining; it’s a great BYOB meal to have before a night out in hipsterville.

Lisa greatly enjoyed her first experience there, and I give it four spoons out of five. If you don’t want to haul your ass all the way down to South side, Lucia’s as an alternative is not too shabby.


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