Ode to Wildfire

Ah Wildfire. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

I could practically live in you, for the rest of my days.

Your first impression just may be your best… That oniony bread puts my diet to rest.

Chopped salad is next, a must for all diners; only portillos’ is arguably finer.

A special today! Medallions three ways. Side of mashed potatoes. My week is made.

Appletini in hand, and steak on my plate, what more could I ask for? You’s da perfect date.

I don’t want to leave you, but you’re not really gone. I have leftovers with me, and I depart with a yawn.

With two drinks and great food, it’s time for a nap. Til next time, Wildfire!

And that’s the end of this rap.


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One response to “Ode to Wildfire

  1. Jamie D

    Loving the ode to Wildfire! Very creative!

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