RPM Italian

Every day, my drive home from work is about an hour and a half. On really bad days, it can go up to two. To pass this otherwise waste of my life, and so that I don’t have to hear Flo Rida ten times in a row, I listen to audiobooks. Generally, I like to challenge myself when I read so listening to said audiobooks isn’t exactly a breeze, especially after working all day (I currently just finished Atlas Shrugged and believe me when I say that John Galt is a talker. Like went on for three CDs without interruption talker.) But I say this so I can justify my next statement to you dear readers. When I get home, I watch E! news. Yes, I should be watching MSNBC or CNN. But, about 90% of the time, I watch Sportscenter when I wake up in the morning,  and E! news when I get home. I have no shame in this, and yet I understand the inevitable judgment that goes along with my admittedly poor television choices. The news just give me anxiety. I know there are grave and severe goings on in the world, but honestly, instead of spending a sleepless night worrying that Iran or North Korea is going to send a nuclear missile through my house, I’d much rather know what Selena Gomez wore to the Kids Choice Awards last night. This last comment puts me to recommend another mindless guilty pleasure – Fashion Police. Joan Rivers. Good stuff. Giuliana Rancic who is incidentally both on Fashion Police and E! News is my favorite, hard-hitting reporter to watch. Yeah, she needs to eat like ten burgers and wash them down with some Oberweiss shakes, but she’s cool and the best darn broadcast journalist on all things perfunctory.

So when I heard she was opening a restaurant with her hubby Bill, (of The Apprentice fame,) in Chicago, I was PUMPED. Yes, that much pumped. I finally went last night with my friend Andi, and do not kid you when I say that the highlight of my night was walking in. It’s styled very much like the Pump Room, and one of my favorite things about RPM is the waiter’s white blazers. First of all, you don’t see white jackets every day, and secondly, they were really well tailored for a modern fit. No hulk or bulk, and the female waiters actually looked cute! Very well played.

I originally commented to Andi that it was interesting they were playing the “Top 40” as their ambience music, but after a quick trip to the quiet bathroom, I realized they were straight up playing some dance beats. Thinking of coming back late night to check out the crowd – but I will definitely stick to the drinks.

If you couldn’t already tell, I’ve been trying to procrastinate actually commenting on the food. Believe me, I really really wanted to love it. Truly I did. But I can’t let my love of B and G cloud my judgment.  The only two things I enjoyed were their garlic truffle bread appetizer, and chocolate covered gelato dessert. Those two were the tastiest part of the meal. Everything in between was either just okay, or bland. The pasta? Andi and I added salt and pepper (never a good sign.) The Giuliana salad? Okay, not surprising or new or even that tasty. Their spicy pepperoni? Okay as well.

Giuliana, I love you and have such high expectations for you, so I expected so much better… Can you get a new chef or something? 1.5 out of 5 spoons.



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