My friend Alla and I ended up being the only two who could make it to dinner one night, and I had made Restaurant Week reservations at Scoozi last year. We were planning on making a night out of it, so while we waited for our table, we got some vino and people-watched. Apparently Scoozi on a Saturday is quite poppin’. Most notably, some sort foreign Elvis impersonator ended up  with a portable microphone and started singing show tunes with a particular table quite close to Alla and myself.  Very amusing. Anyway, the place was packed, but the service was quick and our waiter very hospitable for being slammed. So props to Scoozi there. What’s more, their Restaurant Week Menu was huge! Alla and I chose three different courses, and each portion was enough to feed 2-3 people! Seriously, whole pizzas, and huge plates full of steak, pasta, and tiramisu. Scoozi upholds wholesome, heavy Italian goodness with creamy sauces, and rich meats. They’re “Comfortable Italian” motto is very well suited. I would almost say their food is organic, it is so fresh and flavorful. I came to Scoozi, not expecting anything, and was pretty blown away. It will never top Wildfire as my number 1 Lettuce Entertain You restaurant, but it definitely makes the top three. 3 out of 5 spoons.


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