Slurping Turtle

One of the many drawbacks to reverse commuting to the burbs for work is the fact that there are few good places to eat in the infrequent event that I actually step out for an hour and half lunch. Of course, I’m always too happy to hit up Portillos, Panera, or the local joints such as Emil’s and Firkin. But this past week I was in a seminar for three days in a hotel downtown, and I was able to get a taste of what River North working life would be like. And I was sad. Very sad, as I viewed the passersby around me who no doubt took all of the deliciousness around them for granted. Unfortunately on Day 1 of our seminar, my coworker and I had work to do so we grabbed some quick takeout sushi then spent the remaining 45 minutes on our laptops. Not very enjoyable to say the least. But the next two days were at our disposal, and on Day 2 we decided to speedily walk to Slurping Turtle (same chef as Takashi) so as to hopefully sit before the lunch rush. We arrived with perfect timing, and were immediately sat at a long table surrounded by other two-somes across from each other. I nosily asked the patron directly to my right what he was eating, as I had a slight cold and his soup looked like just the ticket.

Turns out he was having the Shoyu noodles, paired with pork in a soy broth with assorted veggies. Decision made. However, the diner to my left interjected saying I had to get his noodles (the Tonkotu) with essentially the same ingredients, but in a creamy pork broth. My sore throat was not interested in the creamy tho, and I stuck with my Shoyu, while my coworker proceeded with the Tonkotu. Though the noodles contained simple ingredients, the flavors were supremely potent and went down wonderfully hot. The portions were just large enough and I left feeling full and satisfied and even a little cured of my cold. That’s the best thing about comfort food. Or in this case specifically, Asian comfort food (you wouldn’t think that’s a thing, but it is! Simply It is in the same mold.) The fact that I actually felt better from sickness says a lot. I’ve been to Takashi which was amazing, so I was expecting big things for Slurping Turtle, and it did not disappoint. I would go back anytime for some noodles, or try anything else on the menu. 3.5 out of 5 spoons.


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