The Dish on Foodie Finch

Indulging in Prawns at Viejo Vallarta Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I am what you call a traditionalist. I prefer Monet to Duchamp (I mean, toilets as art? Really?), Pottery Barn to Ikea, and always believe in the Boy calling the Girl first. Unfortunately, I used to be the same way with food. I am by no means the pickiest of eaters, but I was happy and ignorant in my snow globe of chicken pasta and hamburgers. A juicy medium hamburger and lightly salted fries, by the way, would still be my first choice for my last meal on Death Row. Those who know me best know me as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of fine hamburgers and fries. But enough about hamburgers. While traditionalism has its charms, I was never interested in trying new things. I always went to the same restaurants that were tried and true, and always ordered the same dish. I knew what I liked, and why change? The only foodie in me was the one who never failed to miss “Top Chef.” In recent years, however, I have vastly matured; and I learned to appreciate the fine delicacy of (gasp!) seafood. Prior to that, my seafood knowledge was about as extensive as canned tuna. However, more adventurous I did become, and my desire to try new restaurants, explore new foods, and train my palate is ever present. And so, in this blog, I continue my journey throughout Chicago, and in my slight travels (I mean, not everyone can be Anthony Bourdain) to try every good restaurant I can, and write about it here. Join me, won’t you?


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