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Pumpkin Cheesecake

My schedule during the week goes as follows: Up at 6am, gym, shower, train, work, lunch, work, train, and home at 6:30pm the earliest. Thankfully, I do my workouts in the morning because by the time I’m home the last thing I want to do is anything too taxing. Unfortunately, because of my laziness, and thanks to the acquisition of a new roommate (and bestie) who loves to cook, I myself have been slacking in the cooking department. It’s been wonderful to come home to the wonderful smells of Lisa’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Asian Broccoli Beef, just sit on the couch watching my favorite shows and moderately maxing on her homemade eats. My mother having a lot of days off recently as well has led to many Puerto Rican leftovers for me to consume as well. Let’s just say it, I’ve been spoiled. However this Sunday, for I had some rare free time, I ventured to the grocery store and resolved to bake a pumpkin cheesecake or banana bread. As is obvious by the title of this article, the banana bread will come next week (bananas need to ripen, after all).

So bake the pumpkin cheesecake I did, and it was surprisingly easy (the most tedious part being finely crushing the graham crackers for a delectable crust). I forgot how much I loved baking, and how great the satisfaction is when something you put so much effort into is well received. I highly encourage, when you have the time, to try a new dish once a week, whether it be baking or cooking. After rekindling my love for baking, I myself am going to tryyyy to stick to the rule of attempting something new once a week. And for a person as busy as me, I know it’s hard, but it’ll be worth it to build my repertoire. I mean, I can’t always just eat and talk about eating… I’ve got to contribute otherwise I’m just not legit now, am I?



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