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Huevos Rancheros at Orange... I really need to stop using my camera phone

There were three aspects worth mentioning of my trip to Orange for breakfast this past Saturday, and only three. The first, our party of four didn’t have to wait like the otha suckas in twos. The second, they had trivial pursuit at each table. Truly excellent. The third, the ambiance… I’m not just talking about the food, but the presentation of the place itself. With orange walls (of course), and rolling chairs, and a pretty small space, the atmosphere is what I call charming. A good pick me up for the likes of my crew, who had shall we say, a late night, but pleasant for the familial group as well.

Other than the big three, Orange sadly foreshadowed my trip to Il Mulino later that evening. I was initially quite excited that they served fresh-squeezed juices a-la Meli, but when I took my first gulp of apple juice, I felt like I was drinking a sour-patch kid before it turns “nice.” Way too tart for a drink. I tried my friend Lauren’s combo of orange juice, mango, and something else and that was fine. I guess just stay away from straight apple. After my fresh juice fiasco, I was ready to house some Huevos Rancheros, even though I had my reservations when I saw they had no chorizo to add in. Dios Mio! My eggs were scrambled, with no salt as far as I could tell (wheres my Adobo when I need it?), and the green salsa was okay, but I’m the kind of Rican who needs some kick in my comida. Eggs, salsa, and lack of chorizo aside, the potatoes were solid.

I’d go again, but only to play Trivial Pursuit.


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