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Paramount Room

Nothing beats the effects of a night out during summertime Chi than a good brunch and a great bloody. Though I am rarely one of those people that get bloodies (to me, it’s like eating a meal), I had to admit, my friend’s at the Paramount Room looked amazing. I mean, look at that picture. I am honestly of the belief, that the more crap you put in a bloody mary, the better it tastes. My friend Lauren and I were both starving after a big night out, and I was strangely craving a burger instead of my usual hankering for eggs. I suggested we go to Paramount Room, as it was close, and I knew they had a great Kobe Burger.

Bloody at Paramount Room

At noon on a Saturday, this place is pretty empty. The downstairs was closed at that time, which was a shame, as the downstairs is not only spacious, but offers flat screen TVs, and I was therefore unable to watch the World Cup (Viva Espana!) According to my boss, another self-proclaimed foodie, the downstairs also offers a killer space for any corporate function. I couldn’t help but notice the Wiis attached to the flat screens as well. Fun indeed.

So of course, I ordered their Kobe Burger with cheddar cheese and lettuce and onion, and of course fries on the side. (Major error… I assumed that fries would automatically be on the side of the burger. Not so.) I consequently had to order the fries after my burger arrived. The fries were a necessary wait, as they come heavily spiced, and with a great side sauce.

The Kobe Burger is large. No other way to describe it. I almost got lock-jaw biting into it. But its tasty, and that’s all that matters. If you want to try something that’s kind one of Chicago’s hidden hole-in-the-wall gems, I’d go to Paramount Room. It’s chill, the staff is friendly, and the food is solid.


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As I am writing this, Da Chicago Bears have just made tremendous moves and acquired Chester Taylor and Julius Peppers. So please forgive me if this entry is slightly distracted. I’m pretty effing excited. Anyway, last week I checked out DMK. Yes, yes another burger place. In my defense, I was invited, and who am I to turn down a new burger joint that just opened down the street from me? Exactly. Lauren was able to assemble a solid crew, and we all met and were merry at the place, which was co-founded by Chi-town chefs David Morton and Michael Kornick (hence the name, DMK).

After about a ten-minute wait, with which we all took the liberty of ordering a beer off of their extensive menu, the group was seated. All of their burgers were named numbers, and I obviously chose the No. 1 due its having aged cheddar, smoked bacon, red onions. However, I must add that I was sorely tempted to try the No. 4 which had green Chile, a fried egg, jack cheese, and smoked bacon. If I go back, I will definitely give that a try.

Now, there were two things that were interesting about these burgers: 1) The bun that they came on. It was powdery, and soft; it was almost too sweet to be paired with a hamburger. The best I can compare it to is an English muffin. It wasn’t necessarily bad, just wrong. 2) How they were cooked. Though I’m not sure how these burgers are prepared, mine tasted like it was McD’s fried and not Kuma’s Corner grilled.  Though it tasted good, I was thrown off by the lack of smoky flavor I was expecting.

Definitely my favorite part of the meal was their truffle fries. Fries (really, potatoes of all kinds) have got to be the best sides ever invented. And with the truffle sauce, I was in heaven, and would gladly have ditched the hamburger for just eating that whole serving of fries. Fortunately, I know better, and we were sharing said serving of fries. Far be it from me to be that big of a hoss.

All in all, it was a good time, mostly due to the people who I was with, and the truffle fries. I would recommend to go once, but now that I’ve tried it, I feel no need to go back.

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Kuma’s Corner

My poor attempt to capture the Pantera burger

Like any good Catholic, I had a hamburger for dinner on Ash Wednesday. “Shameful!” you might say, but if you haven’t read the About Foodie Finch section, you should. It details my fondness for hamburgers. Hmm, maybe I should have given up hamburgers for Lent… That would have been a sacrifice indeed… Anyway, I had made plans to go to Kuma’s Corner with my dear friend Emma long before I realized it was Ash Wednesday (like I said, I’m a really good Catholic), and I wasn’t going to bail on her for some really important religious tradition.

Kuma’s is not just a burger joint. While its hamburgers could be served Calumet Fisheries style, and I’d still go in the dead of a Chicago winter, Kuma’s has character…. And that character is Jesse James married to Sandra Bullock. The great thing about Kuma’s is its superficial contradictions that work.  Heavy metal blasts through the speakers, and drawings of bloody, half-naked women line the walls. All of their burgers are named after Metal Bands, and the staff looks like they stepped straight out of an ad for The Alley.

Here’s where the contradictions come in: The crowd is eclectic… Hipsters, yuppies, and yes, even families with children under the age of 10 are all in appearance. And while all of their burgers are named after Metal Bands, they’re not just the ones you know, like Iron Maiden and Metallica, but local Chicago bands as well (Kuma’s does this to promote these bands). They refuse to serve Miller and Budweiser, because they think they’re inferior products, and only want to serve the best. And the best they do serve.

Kuma’s is known for their burgers, beer, and macaroni and cheese. I’ve been there twice, and have had two out of three. Last night, I had the Pantera burger, which is topped with roasted poblano pepper, bacon, cheddar and monterrey jack cheese, house made ranchero sauce, and tortilla strips. It was served at a perfect medium, and of course, I had to get their side of waffle fries (you could opt for a salad or chips instead). Another unforgettable at Kuma’s is that their fries are served with ketchup mixed with jalapeno juice. Spicy ketchup? Freakin’ genius… genius I say! All this, I washed down with a draft of Belgian Allagash White ale, which was just okay. Too citrusy for me…

I have tried Mastodon, and while simple, (bbq sauce, cheddar, bacon, and onions) the flavors are solid, and it’s a darn good burger. But my first love will always be Plague Bringer, which I had on my first encounter with Kuma’s. This burger is topped with roasted garlic mayonnaise, tortilla chips, Chicago CO-OP hot sauce, fresh garlic, pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos. Basically, my favorite flavors (minus bacon) in one bite.

Their leaner meats require more than an honorable mention, too. Last night, my dining companion, who doesn’t eat red meat got High On Fire and substituted the burger for chicken and honestly, I feel like it probably tasted better that way. With siracha, prosciutto, roasted red pepper, grilled pineapple, and sweet chili paste, I actually liked it better than my Pantera, and I liked my Pantera a whole lot.

This entry went a lot longer than I thought it would so in summation, I haven’t had a thing I didn’t like at this place, unless you count the 45 minute wait. Carnivores, meet your Mecca. Go.

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