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I get a lot of good restaurant recommendations from my boss, and he had spoke of a new restaurant in the South Loop called Cuatro. Now, from the way that he described it,  from the reviews on Yelp, and its website, I pictured this place to be Carnivale-like in atmosphere, but better in food.  I grew hungry the day of, as I scoured the menu, searching for what I wanted to order. My other co-worker raved about the Braised Beef, and though it was a Lent Friday, of course I ended up ordering it anyway. As the reservations were for 8:30 on a Friday night, and the website boasted of some sort of Club/Live Music starting at 9, I expected the place to be packed with people (again, picture a Carnivale-type scene). However, upon entrance, there were several empty tables, the music was more of a low-key lounge type, and the lighting was extremely low. Apparently, the place used to have a liquor license, but now was BYOB. I really couldn’t care either way, but I do wonder at the change. So we sit down, and I immediately order the Braised Beef, expecting the spicy, tender, explosion of flavor that my co-worker described for me.  It was not what I was expecting. The sauce was spicy, which I like, but it was too tangy, with possibly too much citrus? It wasn’t horrible, but most definitely underwhelming.  Since I didn’t eat much, I was more than interested in dessert, and so we ordered the chocolate crust flan for dessert, which was actually very good. With some almond hints to it that I especially enjoyed, I thought it was a very good end to the meal.

Ambiance (or lack thereof) and my meal aside, this place would be a good place to go in a larger group (as most BYOBs are). The food is not as expensive as Yelp would make it seem, and my dish may have simply been an off dish. I would go for a girls’/guys’ night din, B lots of YOB and see if the ambiance gets a little better…


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