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Urth Caffe – Los Angeles

Okay, I was lazy, and didn’t take notes of the places I went to in LA (before you give me grief, though, I was on vacation). So, I am working to describe Urth, a breakfast place I went to on my trip, from memory. You’re going to have to bear with me if I am lacking in the details, not to mention it’s also extremely unhelpful that Urth does not have its menu on-line. Anywho, Urth is an all-organic breakfast and lunch place that has several locations in LA, and we went to the Beverly Hills spot, as our gracious hostess, Jess, lives in that ‘hood. The spot is cute, and crowded, and while unfortunate that it was pouring rain at the time, people were actually still sitting outside (under umbrellas of course), which was admirable.

As an avid lover of food, and a pretty non-healthy person, I never really gave much thought to the benefits of organic food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods, and have recently been trying to eat better, but if nothing else, Urth opened my eyes to the difference in taste organic food has over processed. I don’t know if it’s because that Urth is in California, or if Urth has some special farm connection, but Urth had amazing flavors. At first, I was not impressed with its selection of omelets (I, true to form, of course ordered the Mexican omelet) and was apprehensive with the lack of meat in the thing. However, my plate arrived with three eggs with chiles, onions, jack cheese, and tomatoes with mixed greens and bread on the side.

I wish I could begin to describe the freshness of the flavors. There really are no words. The food itself didn’t need seasoning, because the flavors of every component to the dish were so naturally strong, and in a good way. Though the dishes themselves were not the most original in the world, the taste of the food more than made up for it. It really is too bad we can’t get the likes of Urth’s flavors way out here in Chicago.


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