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Joe’s Seafood, Primesteak, and Stone Crab Restaurant

The best Mom in the world’s birthday was last week, so I treated her to one of her favorite restaurants, Joe’s. Known for it’s fresh stone crab (which, by the way, I did not have at this meal, but I recommend to everyone), it boasts hearty and flavorful steaks as well. Walking in, one feels as though they are entering a Men’s Club, what with the dark wood paneling, low lighting, brown leather and red carpet. The diners too, range from groups of professional-looking men to couples, to family dinners. With this eclectic bunch, the “Men’s Club” is filled with chatter and classic Sinatra-style American music.

As we were celebrating a momentous occasion, I ordered a half-bottle of Pinot Noir, and as a bad Foodie, I forgot the name and didn’t write it down. Though the point is moot, I mustn’t fail to note that it was very good.

Side note: I was told by a fellow foodie friend of mine that he had read an article with the theory that due to the combustion of social media, and blogging, the taking of notes and pictures in restaurants takes away from the true dining experience. I see their point… Which is a key reason why at some dinners I “forget” or simply choose not to take notes or pictures. In general, I just don’t want to be obnoxious. It’s usually at the prod of my dining companions that induce me to take pictures. I’m glad I do once I beginning writing a post, but I don’t know, is it worth it for me to take pictures for my readers’ benefit? Something to think about…

As I rarely eat red meat (the only red meat I get is the 3am hamburger from McDonalds on the weekends), I opted for the Twin chopped Tenderloin steaks with green peppers grilled onions. Now, I usually go for the filet mignons whenever I get a steak, however the grilled onions were calling out to me, and it did not disappoint. The flavors of pepper and garlic were perfection, and if there isn’t anything better than grilled vegetables, then I don’t know what is.

My Mom, as is her tradition, ordered Rib Eye Steak well done (I know, its horrific) but unfortunately she hates the sight of a red meat. I didn’t even try her dish, as I of course loathe well-done meat.

As sides, we of course ordered the Creamed Spinach (not my choice, but my Mother’s favorite) and the Jennie’s Mashed Potatoes which come with bacon bits, and garlic. Now those, my friends, are divine.

Joe’s is a great go-to restaurant for a special occasion, or a place to take out of towners. Located in the Gold Coast, it is definitely a “scene” place to be, but I wouldn’t recommended for the standard group dinner or date affair. There are plenty other, less pricey gems in Chicago for that.

Having said that, Joe’s is great. Take your parents. They’ll love it. And even though I didn’t do so last week, most definitely try their crab.


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David Burke’s Primehouse

As a steak and potatoes kind of girl, I was eagerly anticipating going to my last restaurant adventure in Chicago restaurant week, David Burke’s Primehouse. I had heard nothing but good things about their dry aged steak, and was primed (pun intended) to see what all the fuss was about.

I was instantly cheered upon stepping inside from the bitter Chicago cold; the place was brimming with people, laughter, music, and all around warmth. Another charmer was the fact that they only offered one menu, split between restaurant week, and some of their traditional favorites. I love how David Burke’s embraced Restaurant Week. It was as if they were looking forward to it as much as I was. Our waiter immediately prefaced his greeting with an “I hope you’re enjoying restaurant week,” which was a first in my experience. Every other place I had been to made restaurant week seem like an afterthought, like it was something they were forced to do for the exposure. He was friendly without being obnoxious, and – SCORE (and no, I do not exaggerate) – he recommended the best wine that I’ve ever had in my life… It was an Arrowood Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 and though ridiculously expensive, I now know what to buy when I feel like celebrating. True, I’m no sommelier, but this wine is everything I look for in a red: dry, a little bitter, and not too heavy. Major points to the waiter for this recommendation.

We started off with the Kobe Beef Sashimi, Lobster Bisque and the Surf and Turf Dumplings. Interestingly, the Kobe Beef was served on a huge block of Himalayan salt, with mushroom chips and truffle-mayo to top off. This was definitely the most flavorful part of the meal. It was super tasty, and I could have easily made a whole meal off of it. I was busy mmming and rubbing my stomach over this Kobe Beef when Jamie literally utters the words “This Lobster Bisque tastes weird.” Sound familiar? It should if you’ve read my Eve review. So I indulge myself, lean over and take a spoonful and it is literally the exact same lobster bisque I had at Eve. I don’t know who talked to who, or who stole what, but it was ridiculous that only two nights before, I had the same bizarre and weirdo flavors in a Lobster Bisque at a completely different restaurant. After I was done freaking out over these unexpected turn of events, I tried my Mom’s Surf and Turf Dumplings which were quite good.

For entrees, I had the 6 oz Petite Filet medium rare – delicioso. I also tried the Delmonico steak – also delicioso, and the 40-Day Dry Aged Steak Burker (no, that’s not a typo) with garlic spinach, crispy shallots, bacon, and mayonnaise, on a toasted potato bun… This was nothing short of amazing. I can see why this was named one of the top ten burgers in the city. Automatically included were sides of asparagus and shallots, creamed spinach, pan roasted mushrooms, and basil whipped potatoes.

Dessert was, (one more time!) delicioso, but nothing I haven’t had before. I had the Slice of Prime which included layers of chocolate mousse, cake, and fudge s’mores ice cream. Good stuff. I also tried The King which comprised of peanut butter ice cream, banana cake, and peanut brittle. Again, good stuff.

I would go back to David Burke’s, no question. Since restaurant week is over though, who wants to take me?

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