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Simply It

Pho Soup

A couple weeks ago I planned a dinner for me, my friend Lisa, and Mama Finch at a BYOB in Lincoln Park that I have been dying to go to called Simply It. Early in the afternoon on the date of the dinner, I started to feel a dreaded drip in the back of my throat. With a busy weekend looming before me, I refused to get sick, and almost canceled the evening in favor of my bed and my favorite Thursday night show, “The League.” However, suck it up I did, and boy did I make the right decision.

Simply It is a cozy place, which fits about 20 small tables. The divine smells wafting from the kitchen trigger hunger pangs as soon as you walk in. Though it was 7pm, relatively early for a dinner, the room was quite full with patrons with their vino. Seeing as how I was pretty under the weather, Lisa insisted I try her favorite Vietnamese dish, Pho soup. I didn’t need much convincing and a few minutes later I was inhaling amazing vapors from a steamy concoction. With noodles, and beef, the soup came with a plate of rice noodles, basil, cilantro, hot peppers, hot sauce, and sweet sauce to put in your soup as you pleased. Being me, I dumped all of the hot sauce, one cilantro sprig, several hot peppers, and a few basil leaves into the mix. Let me tell you, it was to die for. The soup was hot, the beef flavorful, and the added ingredients to my liking made for just the right amount of heat. As many can tell you, I am not a soup person. But I would eat this soup every day.

Though on the cusp of feeling deathly ill, I had quite the pleasant evening with my soup and my wine thanks to the amazing Pho soup. I will be back at Simply It; and I can’t say I’ll try something knew, for that soup was so damned good, but I feel I definitely ought to. The soup was a whopping $6.95 so go ASAP. For McD’s prices, you’ll get as flavorful a meal as any hoity toity joint in River North.


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